Serving Others


Serving Others

The Laurel Guild of the Community Church

The Laurel Guild of the Community Church is a Women’s Group that is passionate about promoting the spirit of benevolence and fellowship with our church and community. Together we make a difference by helping others through financial support and hands on programs. By doing so, all of us are strengthened and hopefully, the world is made a better place.

The Laurel Guild supports those in need through our Help Our Neighbor program with Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas presents, Easter baskets, monetary donations, and meal preparation and delivery. Other programs supported by the Laurel Guild are:

  • Family Promise
  • Kinnelon Fire Department
  • Little Dresses for Africa
  • Market Street Mission
  • New City Kids
  • Roots & Wings
  • St. Peter's Orphanage
  • Tri-Boro First Aid Squad
  • Willing Hands

We welcome all women to join us in the work of the Laurel Guild! 

Contact Karen Schonland at for more information.

Cheerful Heart Mission

 The Community Church supports the work of the Cheerful Heart Mission.  The Cheerful Heart Mission is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the lives of the underprivileged people living on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti by funding and managing programs focused on health, education, and economic development.  They serve all people in need without regard to race, gender, or religious belief.

The Cheerful Heart Mission is home grown. The founders and leaders of the mission are members of the Community Church.

The focus of the Cheerful Heart Mission is on three programs: Health, Education, and Economic Development.  The current projects include the dental mission, the sanitation mission, and the music education mission.  All three missions serve people living between the communities of Loma de Cabrera, DR and Tilori, Haiti.

The DR and Haiti share a 224-mile border on the island of Hispaniola where the DR occupies the eastern two thirds and Haiti the western third. The border region of the two countries is especially poor. Being remotely located, this region is underserved by national governments that lack the adequate resources needed to assist all people equitably. At times La Frontera, as the border region is referred to, seems to have been abandoned by the outside world. The healthcare needs are staggering. Few services are available and those that are available are underfunded and overwhelmed. Basic services affecting public health such as sanitation and potable water are unavailable to large portions of the population.

If you would like to help, please consider organizing a drive to gather needed supplies such as toothpaste and brushes.  If you would like to better understand the need and how you can best help, ask about accompanying one of the Mission teams as they travel and work in La Frontera.

Visit the Cheerful Heart Mission website at  for more information.

 Prayer Team

The Community Church recognizes the power and importance of prayer as well as the need for prayer.

There are people in our church who are passionate about prayer. The Prayer Team is the place for those people to gather for prayer to advance the work of the Gospel. If you feel called to pray for the needs of others, consider joining the Prayer Team. This will be a joyous time!

The Prayer Team meets for a dedicated time of prayer before the worship service on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM.  After church, members of the prayer team are available to pray with anyone in need of prayer.

Prayer Requests

Have your prayers lovingly and confidentially brought before God by the Community Church Prayer Team. Send your requests to

“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”

Jeremiah 29:12